“NIHONGO Starter (A1)” is an introductory course for non-native speakers of Japanese who are preparing to study in Japan. You can learn basic Japanese in the course which takes up various topics that you may encounter in Japan. The cast is international and the materials are consisted of the scenes at a science and technological university.  The content is general so it also applies to the learners studying in other areas and can be used by the student’s family too. The registration of the course is FREE of charge. Let’s begin studying Japanese.

Welcome to this introductory course on Basic Thai Language, specifically on Conversational Thai. The course aims for you to develop listening and speaking skills necessary for a more successful communication in authentic contexts or real-life
situations, using the Thai language. The learning activities will feature pronunciation practices, listening exercises, short speech
delivery or oral presentations, and simulations of conversations.

This course has 5 modules which you may complete in 5 weeks. The approximate study time for each week is 3 hours although you may study the resources and do the activities following your preferred schedule.

The module discussions and activities which you will do in this course will provide opportunities for you to practice Thai language, using both familiar and unfamiliar terms and expressions, in real-life situations.

This course is now offered in https://model.upou.edu.ph/

For details, please send a message to model@upou.edu.ph or visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/upoumodel/